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Beacon Country Day School is a private, non-profit school founded in 1954 and located in the beautiful country setting of Greenwood Village, a suburb of Denver, Colorado.

Beacon is your best choice…

· Where children are surrounded by warmth, love and security
· Preschool through 8th Grade
· With academic excellence and programs for the gifted
· Exceptional national test scores in the 99th percentile
· Where children are placed in appropriate grade levels by subject
· With individualized academic programs for your child with a 1:8 teacher/student ratio
· Accredited by the North Central Association & Advance Ed
· Secure and protected environment with sprawling play areas
· Average class size of 12 students!
· Extended day programs at no additional charge
· Extra-curricular programs including piano instruction, voice lessons, dance,chess club, Mad-Science and golf lessons
· Where children grow in confidence and self esteem
No School Monday, 3/2, Dr. Seuss Day Tuesday, 3/3, Parent Conferences on Monday, 3/9

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Now Enrolling
Pre-School to 8th Grade
Call Now 303.771.3990

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Beacon was selected as a Blue Ribbon School by the United States Department of Education. The United States Department of Education states " . . . recipients will be national models of excellence that others can learn from . . . your school is one of those excellent schools." As a Blue Ribbon School, Beacon is a Nationally Recognized School of Excellence.



21st Century Education

Today's children will be competing in a global economy. Technology instruction is state of the art and is integrated across the curricula. Our ground breaking curriculum in higher level thinking and problem solving skills is at the very heart of a 21st Century education.

A 21st Century education includes knowing how to learn, how to compete, and how to really harness higher level thinking skills. Students must be innovative and creative. Our strong liberal arts program creates well educated individuals and higher level mathematics and science concepts are applied to introductory STEM applications. The math and science programs are rigorous. Students collaborate on projects and financial literacy is incorporated.


BCDS is a nationally recognized educational leader: our instruction incorporates the most advanced research based methods. Students excel in a proven curricula designed for the 21st Century including academic rigor, creativity, innovative thought and collaboration that will eventually be used globally. The curriculum goes far beyond a typical education: it creates mastery, builds depth of knowledge and understanding. Students are excited about their studies. The success they experience motivates them to strive for excellence and growth socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually.

Small classes with master teachers provide personalized and supportive instruction. Every child is known and feels valued just as he or she is ensuring wonderful, enriching, long term relationships with peers who are bright, motivated, and striving to do their best.